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Cherry time!

cherry close-upAs you can see, we are witnesses to the growth of some gorgeous tart cherries around these parts.  Tart cherries are different from sweet cherries in a number of ways, but the most obvious way is that most folks don’t relish the idea of popping tart cherries into their mouths one after another.  These guys, as their name suggests, are tart.  You can see that their color is a much brighter red than sweet cherries, and their flesh is much softer.  The seed pops right out.  In fact, when picking these cherries, it’s not uncommon for the seed to remain stuck to the stem when you pull the cherry itself off of the tree.  These are the cherries that delicious pies and dried cherries are made from.  They are extremely perishable; you won’t see these guys in a grocery store.  If you happen to stop by our stand in the next week or two, make sure to pick up a box to experiment with.

vermin in the cherriesYou won’t find a sweet cherry on our property — the birds love them and a rain shower at the wrong time will split sweet cherries promoting rot and leading to the loss of a previously good crop of cherries.

Dave picking cherriesDave is trying to pick all of the cherries with the stem on so that they keep a little better.  All the other cherry trees are covered with leaves.  We’re not sure why this tree is so abnormal, but you can see that the leaves are sparse and small and the cherries are very visible.  Dave said he’ll be interested to see if the tree starts pushing out leaves now that he’s picked all the fruit.

peachTwo rows over from our tart cherries are the first variety of peaches called Rich May.  They have beautiful color, but are still small and are definitely not ready.  In another week or two, these guys will be ready to pick.  It always surprises us how fast peaches get ready in the orchard at this time of year.
immature peachI took this picture at a peach tree right across the row from the Rich May.  These peaches will be ready in about a month.

brotherly loveAnd finally…we’ve all been a little distracted these days…mainly because of this new little man in our lives.  Elliot James was born about a month ago, and both Caleb and Benny are enthralled.  Life is busy for me, doing all the things I usually do while taking care of Elliot and keeping his brothers from pulling him from his bouncy seat, laying on top of him, or picking him up and maiming poor Elliot for life.