Of spring and the return of tomatoes

DSC_0053Spring is a beautiful time to live on a fruit farm.  After months of trudging through feet of snow, even our dogs are exuberant to welcome spring.  The peaches are about done blooming, and the apples are about to start blooming.  Here is a view of the orchard on Thursday.




DSC_0038We feel fortunate that it looks like the peaches didn’t get frozen.  Dave was just out in the apples, and it appears that some of the apple varieties got thinned pretty hard with frost.  Dave thinks there will still be a full crop, though.  Usually Dave thins many of the apples, so this year he will have to be little more frugal with the thinning.

DSC_0055These are the apples showing their pink tips.  It won’t be long until they are in full bloom as well.

prunersDave just got done pruning the peaches.  He’s never pruned peaches when they were in bloom before, but because of the nature of this cold, cold winter, it just didn’t get done.  There was much celebration when Dave was done pruning.  We took a celebratory trip to the hardware store to buy swings for our tree and out to eat.


Dave spent the last two days in the greenhouse which has been neglected because of the push to get pruning done.

Speaking of greenhouses and tomatoes…Dave is planning on coming to Clark Park this Saturday with tomatoes.  Hooray!  Come on out and get yourself the first delicious tomatoes of the year.


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