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Strangers in the Greenhouse

For the first time ever, we have cucumbers growing in our greenhouse.  Dave didn’t actually plan on growing cucumbers.  He opened the seed packet to plant tomatoes and discovered five over-sized seeds that definitely didn’t belong.  He planted them to see what would grow, and behold…our first greenhouse cucumber crop.

close up of cukes

Dave has since been researching cucumbers, and realized that they are very fast growers.  I submit for evidence this picture taken on March 1st, 13 days ago.  Notice the little baby green cucumber above the black clip.

March 1 cuke

This is that same cucumber today.

right before picking

Benny went out to help Dave harvest the two cucumbers that are ready.

Benny and the CukeIt  goes without saying that we will not be coming to market with two cucumbers on Saturday.  Next year Dave is already thinking about planting some cucumbers a few months after the tomatoes to get the timing down so that both cukes and tomatoes get ready at the same time.

Speaking of tomatoes, this is what they look like right now.

tomatoes as of March 13

They are coming along slowly but surely, and before we know it, it’ll be time to start coming to market again.  Spring is coming!