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No baked goods tomorrow

Hello all!

Since the weather is supposed to be messy tomorrow (December 14) we decided not to bake.  I’m sorry if some of you were counting on us!

Dave is tentatively planning on being at market with apples and cider, but if he wakes up and it’s snowing, he might just stay at home.

Today was going to be our last full day of baking, so we are done for the year.  However, if you still want to order something for next week, I will personally get it baked.  If you want to order something, you can call Dave’s cell – (717)314-7264 or e-mail

To celebrate our being done baking, my sisters came over.  And we baked Christmas cookies.  Dave was a little perplexed at our mode of celebration.

Thank you all for supporting our baked goods this year!