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Crazy times

peach closeup

This is the time of year when fruit farming kicks into high gear.  Peaches are coming fast and furious and apples are waiting impatiently in the wings for their turn to take the spotlight.  It’s the time of year when Dave wishes we would have gotten married and had our sons right out of high school so they would be productive peach pickers by now.  Alas…as you can see, a five year old boy in the orchard just isn’t very helpful quite yet.

five year old boys in the orchard

Currently, Dave is spending most of his time picking peaches, but the peaches are all getting ready very quickly, so we are actually seeing a light at the end of the peach-fuzz tunnel.

skid of peaches

Peaches haven’t been as bountiful as they have been in previous years, but you would never know it from this stack of peaches.

I made my first lattice peach pie today and am hopeful that next year we’ll bring some to market.  It was pretty delicious.  Be very jealous.

peach pie

What we’re really excited about these days is apples.


You know those chilly August days that felt more like fall than the dead of summer?  Well, those chilly nights paired with a boat-load of rain led to some of the best apples we’ve ever grown.


gala row

It’s always exciting to pick beautiful fruit, and this year’s apples are liable to have Dave grinning to himself as he plucks each one from the tree to the safety of his picking bag.  We hope that seeing our apples affects you in the same way.