Apple Season is Upon Us

It doesn’t feel like it should be apple season yet.  Late August does not evoke feelings of cozy mugs of steaming apple cider, frosty mornings or brightly colored leaves, but our apple trees are declaring the start of fall.

Our apples are on trellis, which means that they are tied up on a framework of wires allowing support for the apple trees, sunlight to penetrate to each apple and allow quick picking from a wall of apples.

Dave picks apples into an apple picking bag.

Note the ropes with knots holding up the bottom of the bag.

When Dave has filled the bag, he goes over to the bushel crates, lifts the knots out of the holders and allows the apples to gently tumble into the crate.

Sometimes other more precious objects find their way into Dave’s picking bag.

This particular day, Dave was picking Cortland.  Cortland is an old-fashioned apple that has a natural skin protector.  Dave rubbed the cloudiness off to show the difference between a shined apple and an apple with its natural coating.

Other varieties almost ready to pick are Mutsu and Fuji.

This rather gigantic Mutsu apple is soon ready to be picked.

Caleb and Benny are not too helpful for getting work done in the orchard.


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