Peaches are here.

It’s hard to  believe, but it’s peach season already.  It’s not middle of peach season yet, but the tell-tales signs of Dave coming in and needing a shower to rid himself from pesky peach fuzz before sitting down for a meal are upon us.    Dave and his dad picked a goodly amount of peaches this afternoon to make the trip to Philly, and Rittenhouse Square and Clark Park will once again carry the sweet, heady aroma of peaches ripened in season.

Dave and his dad check every peach for ripeness. If it isn’t soft at all, it stays on the tree to wait for the next time that Dave picks.  Usually the peaches start to ripen at the top or bottom of the peach, so this is where he checks.  Dave will go over the same tree a number of times in the span of a week or two until all of the peaches have ripened.


The peaches are then placed in a bread tray lined with bubble wrap and paper.  The single-layer approach, though not as romantic as old crates, keeps the peaches from bruising.

Dave wanted me to take a picture of his cart. Ladies and gentlemen, this cart can not be bought in a store. Dave, his brother and dad all built one of these carts, specially made to carry the peach trays


Once the tray is full, it is stacked on top of the other peaches.  The metal dolly on which the peaches are stacked has wheels so the peaches can be wheeled onto the truck and off the truck at market.  The metal dollies were welded by a local company to specially fit the peach trays.

In other news, we also have some sour cherries that we are bringing to market this week.  Really, the trees are pretty young, so they gave a pretty puny crop this year.  Next year should be much better.

Here Dave is showcasing all of the cherries that he picked last Friday. This week’s picking was three times this amount. (Still not anything to write home about, though obviously exciting enough to write on a blog.)

I haven’t shown the Asian pears yet. We only have about half a row of them, but you can definitely expect them to make the journey to market this fall.

The Honeycrisp are continuing their all-important quest to get nice and big so they can be sold at market and consumed.  What a great goal.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jess on June 16, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    Peaches for Father’s Day! Is this the earliest that you’ve had peaches ready?


  2. Jess..yes, this is the earliest we’ve ever had peaches. It’s a combination of the weather and also the type of peaches. We’ve never planted this variety before. I comes before our previous earliest peach by a good week or two.


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