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Stilts in the Greenhouse

This week Dave finally got the dreaded task of lowering tomatoes knocked out.  It’s a relief for him to get this done so he can start doing the job that he really wants to do…thin peaches.  When walking through the orchard we are confronted with branches loaded with gumball size peaches begging…pleading to  be thinned.

Doesn’t this look like a whole lot of work? Do you hear the branch? It’s speaking…”thin me….thin me…”

Ah…much better.

This is the ground underneath a tree after it has been thinned.

While I’m in the orchard, I’ll show you the progress of the peaches and apples.

This is actually a nectarine. Note the smooth skin instead of the fuzzy peach skin.

And here are the baby apples.

Dave called me one afternoon and told me to come and and take some pictures of him.  This is the first time that he has used the stilts to lower the tomatoes.

The tomatoes are clipped to this string and lowered a foot or two by letting out the string.

This is a view from Dave’s vantage point.

Dave is relieved that this big job is over.  His calves were also pretty sore from the whole experience.  The next time that he lowers the tomatoes will be right before peach season starts.  And that, my friends, is not so far away.