Blueberry Planting

We are thankful that things are a little cooler this week so that the apples and peaches can slow their progress down from a sprint to a nice, leisurely jog.  We were grateful to wake up Tuesday morning to a low of 30 degrees instead of the 27 degrees forecasted.  At that temperature, we shouldn’t have lost any peaches or apples.

I posted my peach  bloom post a little prematurely.  This is the view of the peach orchard last Friday, the 23rd.  Absolutely gorgeous.

With this warm weather, Dave planted the blueberry bushes.  Unfortunately for you, these blueberry bushes won’t be yielding anything for market until next year.  Fortunately for you, there are blueberries in your future.

Dave had planted these bushes last year in pots to give them a head start.

This was a job that Caleb and Benny could help with.  They weren’t “helpful” per se, but they did like to play in the dirt.  Caleb gathered all the pots at the end.


It may not look like much more than two rows of anemic sticks, but these sticks hold the promise of years and years of delicious orbs of blueberry goodness. If you look closely, you can see the tomato plants through the sides of the greenhouse. I'll show you some pictures soon. Some of the unripe tomatoes are larger than a fist.






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