February snow showers bring…March flowers?

It’s hard to believe, but the peach trees are starting to bloom and the apples are pushing leaves.  And what is this?  March??!!!

It is just starting to get gorgeous in the orchard with the peaches starting to showcase their spring finery.

This is our view as we pull out of our driveway.

Each of these blossoms will yield a peach. We will have to go through and thin the peaches later to maintain tree health and good-sized peaches.

This is a picture I took today of an apple branch. The branches are pushing out leaves as well as what will eventually be blossoms.

Dave is diligently trimming the apple trees.

Dave is pruning apples at a feverish pace.  Everything is happening so quickly.  We are grateful that the extended weather forecast looks nice and non-peach threatening, though.  And, if the current weather pattern holds up, we will have delicious, juicy peaches into the hands of our grateful customers all the earlier.


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