Hands on the Earth Orchard…a new start

Dave and I recently moved from the home farm to a brand new orchard that we planted a couple years ago.  We determined that the trees were big enough to sustain our markets, so we made the big leap.  It is a little scary but very exciting as well.  I hope to be posting about the orchard as the year progresses.  I took a couple pictures today of Dave pruning the peach trees and chopping up the branches that were pruned.  It feels like  May out there and Dave expects peach blooms by the end of the week.  This is a pretty scary prospect, realizing that any sub-freezing temperatures will either severely lessen or kill off the peach crop all together.  At this point we need to just put our trust in God.  This is what farming’s all about….being helpless against the elements, hoping that we get a good crop.



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