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Blueberry Planting

We are thankful that things are a little cooler this week so that the apples and peaches can slow their progress down from a sprint to a nice, leisurely jog.  We were grateful to wake up Tuesday morning to a low of 30 degrees instead of the 27 degrees forecasted.  At that temperature, we shouldn’t have lost any peaches or apples.

I posted my peach  bloom post a little prematurely.  This is the view of the peach orchard last Friday, the 23rd.  Absolutely gorgeous.

With this warm weather, Dave planted the blueberry bushes.  Unfortunately for you, these blueberry bushes won’t be yielding anything for market until next year.  Fortunately for you, there are blueberries in your future.

Dave had planted these bushes last year in pots to give them a head start.

This was a job that Caleb and Benny could help with.  They weren’t “helpful” per se, but they did like to play in the dirt.  Caleb gathered all the pots at the end.


It may not look like much more than two rows of anemic sticks, but these sticks hold the promise of years and years of delicious orbs of blueberry goodness. If you look closely, you can see the tomato plants through the sides of the greenhouse. I'll show you some pictures soon. Some of the unripe tomatoes are larger than a fist.






February snow showers bring…March flowers?

It’s hard to believe, but the peach trees are starting to bloom and the apples are pushing leaves.  And what is this?  March??!!!

It is just starting to get gorgeous in the orchard with the peaches starting to showcase their spring finery.

This is our view as we pull out of our driveway.

Each of these blossoms will yield a peach. We will have to go through and thin the peaches later to maintain tree health and good-sized peaches.

This is a picture I took today of an apple branch. The branches are pushing out leaves as well as what will eventually be blossoms.

Dave is diligently trimming the apple trees.

Dave is pruning apples at a feverish pace.  Everything is happening so quickly.  We are grateful that the extended weather forecast looks nice and non-peach threatening, though.  And, if the current weather pattern holds up, we will have delicious, juicy peaches into the hands of our grateful customers all the earlier.

Hands on the Earth Orchard…a new start

Dave and I recently moved from the home farm to a brand new orchard that we planted a couple years ago.  We determined that the trees were big enough to sustain our markets, so we made the big leap.  It is a little scary but very exciting as well.  I hope to be posting about the orchard as the year progresses.  I took a couple pictures today of Dave pruning the peach trees and chopping up the branches that were pruned.  It feels like  May out there and Dave expects peach blooms by the end of the week.  This is a pretty scary prospect, realizing that any sub-freezing temperatures will either severely lessen or kill off the peach crop all together.  At this point we need to just put our trust in God.  This is what farming’s all about….being helpless against the elements, hoping that we get a good crop.